New Episode! “Priest: A Love Story” with Shauna McGarry and Graham High!


Father, Jesus is gonna have to forgive YOU for your sins! In this ep, Becky forces Shauna McGarry (Bojack Horseman) and Graham High (Studio 54) to compromise their Christian values to discuss the popular erotic romance Priest: A Love Story ($4.99) by Sierra Simone.

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Show Notes:

For a sexy Sasquatch story, I did find this book on Amazon— Naked Came the Sasquatch ($10.) If anyone reads it, please let me know what you think and if it’s worth the price. And maybe some sort of description of Sasquatch cock.

The Song of Solomon: An Invitation to Intimacy - Douglas Sean O’Donnell explores The Song of Solomon and the practice of sexuality. ($15)

Mere Christianity - “C.S. Lewis explores the common ground upon which all of those of Christian faith stand together.” ($9 on Amazon)

Another amazing romance novel podcast, Heaving Bosoms, also covered Priest with special guest Jenny Nordbak from The Wicked Wallflowers Club. She offers such a great perspective on BDSM and taboo erotica, and I highly recommend listening to this episode.

On top of that, the author of “Priest”, Sierra Simone, was a guest on Jenny’s Wicked Wallflowers podcast. Again, this episode is amazing, and it’s fascinating to hear Sierra Simone’s writing process.

New Episode! Vampire CEO with Meghann Murphy and Matty Smith!


Are you an up-and-coming vampire looking to advance your career? This episode won’t help you with that. But hilarious couple Matty Smith and Meghann Murphy WILL help you decide if the paranormal romance “Vampire CEO” is worth the investment of $4.

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Vampire CEO is written by Erin Bedford and is currently available on Amazon for $3.99.

Mr. Darcy's Secret Desires with Carla Cackowski


Why Mr. Darcy! It’s a new episode! “Pride and Prejudice” superfan Carla Cackowski joins Becky to discuss “Mr. Darcy’s Secret Desires” by Caitlin Marie Carrington ($3.99). It’s a P & P variation that takes place in Pemberley where Lizzie gets Pember-LAID.

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I had a great time delving into the world of Pride and Prejudice variations. Here are some links to the books we discussed. Give in to all of your urges of seeing Lizzie and Mr. Darcy GET! IT! ON!

The Darcys: The Ruling Passion by Linda Berdoll ($4.99)

Betrothed to Mr. Darcy by Violet Bedford ($3.99)

The Darcy Saga (5 Book Series) by Sharon Lathan (Some are cheap but others are $10!)

Death Comes to Pemberley by P.D. James ($9.99)

New Episode! Sarah MacLean Part 2

So excited to share the second part of my interview with Sarah MacLean! (Check out the first part if you haven’t yet!) In this episode, we review the virgin billionaire romance, Loving the Secret Billionaire by Adriana Anders ($2.99). It’s a novella where things get a little ACTIVE, if you know what we mean… like politically. And sexily. But you probably guessed that. Sorry for underestimating your intelligence. And horniness?

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Links to Things We Discuss:

 Buy Sarah’s book A Rogue by Any Other Name, which will always and forever be $1.99.

Purchase Rogue Desire, which features Adriana Anders’ short story that is the basis for Loving the Secret Billionaire. (It also includes a story by Tamsen Parker, the writer of Craving Flight, which Jennie Pierson and I reviewed!)

Screen Shot 2019-01-14 at 5.24.13 PM.png

AND Ice Planet Barbarians… Wow. I purchased this at The Ripped Bodice in LA, and omg this is definitely the type of bonkers Sarah was talking about. It’s basically Beauty and the Beast (i.e. there’s a kidnapping involved.) However, there’s multiple Beauties and the Beast is a horned alien who loves giving Earth women orgasms. So a quickie review:

 My Tagline: Ice Planet Barbarians… Horny is taken literally.

Thoughts: It’s filthy, disgusting, HAWT, and makes you think a lot of about space and the possibility of intelligent life in the universe.

 Rating: A Horny B plus.

Sarah Pt 2.png

New Episode – Sarah MacLean Part 1 – and Show Notes

Sarah pt 1.png

I can truly say this episode is one to THROBBING re-MEMBER! Acclaimed romance author, Washington Post columnist, and podcast host Sarah MacLean (Love by Numbers, The Rules of Scoundrels, Fated Mates) was a guest on my show! This interview and discussion was so fun and impactful that I decided to break it up into two episodes. In this first one, Sarah and I discuss her career and the history of romance novels. The second episode, which will be released next week, will review “Loving the Secret Billionaire” by Adriana Anders ($2.99).

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Sarah MacLean:



Podcast: Fated Mates

Here’s some more information on other topics and books we discussed:

Desmond Morris, Intimate Behaviour: A Zoologist's Classic Study of Human Intimacy

Kathleen E. Woodiwiss, The Flame and the Flower (it’s $3.99!)

Bertrice Small, author of the Skye O’Malley series

New Episode! Gamma Raiders: The Space Pirate Prince with Aysha Wax

New Episode of Too Stupid to Live!.png

GET THOSE COLD SHOWERS READY! Comedian/writer/director Aysha Wax (Inside Versailles) joins Becky to review the NO-SEX-AT-ALL sci-fi romance, Gamma Raiders: The Space Pirate Prince by Calista Skye ($0.99.)

I found the print copy over at the Ripped Bodice. If you’re interested in the paperback, I highly encourage you to support this independent bookstore and order from there!

And listen to the new episode on iTunes, SoundCloud, Google Play, Stitcher, and now on Spotify!

New Episode! Fournicopia with Chris Farah

Actress/writer/comedian/pop culture professional and beauty junkie Chris Farah (Modern Family, Superstore, Chelsea Lately) joins me to review the erotic novella Fournicopia by Delilah Devlin. It's the second book the naughty Delta Blue series and has the incredibly expensive price of 99 cents.

Let me just say that this book has one of the most unforgettable sex scenes and you should do yourself a favor and listen to Chris and I discuss it at length. Listen below or on iTunes, Google Play, or Stitcher.

New Episode! "Maid for Love" with Robin Reed

It’s summer and I figured it’s time to review a resort-town summer romance. Today’s book is "Maid for Love", the first in the Gansett Island series, by Marie Force ($2.99). My guest is voiceover artist Robin Reed, AKA the voice that launched a thousand ferries to a Block Island-inspired locale, where love is as abundant as its oysters. Enjoy on itunes, Stitcher, Google Play and SoundCloud below!

New Episode! "Operation: Midnight Tango" with Jordan Morris

jordan square.jpg

I know, I know! It’s been TOO LONG since there’s been a new episode of Too Stupid to Live. I took some time off to be super busy with work and then go on my very first solo vacation. But I am so excited to be back with a fantastic new episode with both a fantastic guest and book. Jordan Morris, a comedy writer and podcaster (from Jordan, Jesse Go!) joined me to review "Operation: Midnight Tango" by Linda Castillo.

Published by Harlequin Intrigue, I found this gem at the Ripped Bodice, an exclusively romance bookstore here in Los Angeles.

Listen and enjoy this latest episode on:

ALSO! Jordan just put out a new podcast from called Bubble, which I highly recommend you check out. It’s a scripted comedy series about monster hunters who, among other things, are low on funds. And as someone who won’t spend more than five dollars on pretty much anything, I both related and laughed out loud.

Author Shout-outs!

Need a new read? Check out some of these books!



Author Lisa Becker re-released her romantic comedy "Clutch" with five bonus chapters!

Clutch: a novel is the laugh-out-loud, chick lit romance chronicling the dating misadventures of Caroline Johnson, a single purse designer who compares her unsuccessful romantic relationships to styles of handbags – the “Hobo” starving artist, the “Diaper Bag” single dad, the “Briefcase” intense businessman, etc. With her best friend, bar owner Mike by her side, the overly-accommodating Caroline drinks a lot of Chardonnay, puts her heart on the line, endures her share of unworthy suitors and finds the courage to discover the “Clutch” or someone she wants to hold onto. $3.99


Short Stories by BlueFramedGirl

Interested in reading a short story as part of your daily procrastination process? Head to I just read a free version of "King and I" instead of getting some work done, and, frankly I’m down for more. Most of her stories are .99!




bad mothers diary.png

Bad Mother’s Diary by Suzy K. Quinn

This hilarious romance, BAD MOTHER'S DIARY, is the first in a series about the exploits of new mother, Juliette Duffy, her horrible boyfriend who jilts her at the altar, and the handsome hotelier who always seems to be around when she's at her worst.  

Available for $2.99!

Upcoming Books

Everyone GET EXCITED because I’m BACK with some awesome upcoming episodes. Should you be interested in the upcoming books we’ll be reviewing, I got you covered.

Operation: Midnight Tango by Linda Castillo

Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 2.51.35 PM.png

Published by Harlequin Intrigue, this is your classic romantic suspense about a sexy CIA agent and the sexy woman the sexy CIA agent is protecting from danger. Also available on Amazon, I found this in the used book section of the Ripped Bodice for $3.




Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 2.53.50 PM.png

Maid for Love (Gansett Island Series Book 1) by Marie Force

Not sure what I love more — the title, the author’s name, or the relatively cheap price of $2.99. Look, it’s summer. So I figured why not read a summer romance that takes place in a beautiful New England resort town. This contemporary romance is about a housekeeping attendant (the “maid” part of the title) who fulfills the love part of the title by falling for the son of her super rich boss.

New Episode! "Craving Flight" with Jennie Pierson


My lovely friend and hilarious actress/comedian Jennie Pierson ("Blackish", "Powerless", "Valley Girl") joins me to discuss one of the most original erotic romances I’ve ever read -- "Craving Flight" by Tamsen Parker.

"Craving Flight" is a bdsm romance that takes place in an orthodox Jewish community. I’m so thrilled about this episode because Jennie was the PERFECT guest to have on the show. Her insight was phenomenal and of course her laugh-out-loud commentary was delightful.

The book was recommended to me by one of the owners of the Ripped Bodice, a feminist-friendly romance novel bookstore in LA. So if you’re interested in purchasing, I highly recommend ordering the paperback from this wonderful independent bookstore. 

Listen on SoundCloud or on iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play.

New Episode! Royal Ruin with Jessie Gaskell

HOW FANTASTIC WAS THAT ROYAL WEDDING?!?!? I’ve been watching this GIF again and again and again and therefore agonizing over the specifics of my dream wedding.


If you still have that wedding fever, listen to the latest episode where the always funny Jessie Gaskell (Conan) joins me to to review the sexy royal romance, Royal Ruin by Jessica Peterson ($3.99).


God Save the Queen!

New Episode! 'Taken by the CEO' with Marisa Pinson

TSTL marisa.jpg

It’s funny. I wasn’t expecting this latest episode of TSTL to be as topical as it is. Of course it’s about women in the workplace, but with DJ Khaled’s recent commentary on his refusal to perform oral sex, I’m astounded as to how timely this episode is.

There are certainly quite a few HOT “oral presentations” in 'Taken by the CEO'. Out of all people who could do themselves a favor by reading this book, it’s DJ Khaled and definitely a few Tinder randos who probably keep you scratching your head to this day. There are a lot of things society should acknowledge, and one of them is that THIRD BASE GOES BOTH WAYS!

(And a few deep breaths later…)

'Taken by the CEO' is written by USA Today bestselling author Stefanie London and is currently $2.99. It’s a sexy story about Emmaline, a lady who works in a cubicle and has a hot affair with her CEO who works in a nicer office with a view.

Joining me to review this contemporary romance is my lovely friend, Marisa Pinson. She’s a TV writer on TBS’ 'Angie Tribeca' and a hilarious and insightful lady. You're going to love her -- hope you enjoy! Listen now on SoundCloud, iTunes, and Google Play

Upcoming Books

May is going to be a romantic month. There’s the royal wedding (and an early morning for me on that day) and some awesome episodes with amazing guests coming your way. 

So, here are some books I’ve got lined up to review. (Keep in mind this may be subject to change.)

Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 10.18.35 AM.png

'Taken by the CEO' by Stefanie London ($2.99)

Oh corporate culture! In this steamy contemporary romance set in Australia, Emmaline Greene is ready to focus on herself and her career after a bitter divorce. She ends up having a super hot one-night stand with a total hunk who gives her some amazing O’s. However, it turns out this O-maker is also the new CEO of her company! Talk about COMPLICATED!



'Royal Ruin' by Jessica Peterson ($3.99)

Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 8.55.19 PM.png

While ‘The Crown’ has your historical accuracy, this royal sex feast has your classic “let’s pretend to be engaged” premise. Prince Kit is next in line to become King. But like any royal family, his is wrought with SO MUCH SCANDAL! To offset the negative press, his royal highness announces his “engagement” to Emily Kilpatrick, an American who is down to Earth and “relatable” (i.e. middle class.) Emily is keen on the arrangement as Kit promises to help her declining business. But keeping up the appearance of being in love becomes surprisingly difficult when Kit and Emily actually DO fall in love!

Stay tuned for these fun episodes! 

New Episode! ‘Ruby’ with Connie Shin


I wanted to cover a V.C. Andrews book for a while now because of the romantic elements in her stories and the fact that so many romance readers devour her books. Luckily, Connie Shin, a hilarious writer and performer at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade, is a seasoned V.C. Andrews reader. And I’m delighted that she joined me to review 'Ruby', the first book in the Landry series. It’s currently $4.99 on Amazon. (I know! It’s up there!)

In terms of providing you with a succinct synopsis, let me just say that so much happens in this book. So here’s an attempt at a pared-down summary.

Around the death of her grandmother, Ruby, a beautiful and perfect teenager, keeps uncovering dark secret after dark secret about her family. To avoid a terrible fate at the hands of her deranged grandfather, she runs away to New Orleans to meet her long lost father and twin sister. But, BOY, things do NOT go as planned. BECAUSE OF ALL THESE DARK SECRETS!

(I mean… does that work?) 

I both LOVED the book and recording this episode with Connie. And I know you will love listening! Available on SoundCloud, Stitcher, Apple Podcasts and Google Play.