New Episode! "Her Sexy Valentine" with Deborah Tarica

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Picasso was DEFINITELY thinking of this book cover when he said, "Love is the greatest refreshment in life." For TSTL's super sexy special Valentine’s Day episode, Upright Citizen's Brigade performer/teacher Deborah Tarica joins me as we review the romance novel “Her Sexy Valentine.” Listen here! 

I had such a good time recording this episode and Deborah was an exceptional guest. She talks about the amusing experiences she’s had with romance novels, and our discussion of "Her Sexy Valentine" gets hot AND heavy. Plus, you'll wanna hear what kind of language is used to describe a clitoris in our sexy excerpt.

Catch Deborah in the Youtube Red series “Do You Want to See a Dead Body?” with Rob Heubel. 

"Her Sexy Valentine" is written by Stephanie Bond and was published by Harlequin in 2010. It is currently $1.99 on Amazon