New Episode! ‘My Enemy, My Earl’ with Lindsay Katai

earl final exp final final.jpg

I had a fantastic guest on the newest episode of Too Stupid to Live, and that hilarious woman is none other than Lindsay Katai. Lindsay is the cohost of the popular podcast, Teen Creeps, where they review YA pulp fiction. She also began cohosting a new podcast called Public Domain Theater where they read literature aloud from the public domain while providing real-time commentary. Furthermore, Lindsay is a writer on the upcoming animated series, Infinity Train, which will premiere on Cartoon Network next year.


The hot and historical book we reviewed in the latest episode is ‘My Enemy, My Earl’ by Tammy Andresen ($3.99.) Taking place in Scotland, it’s the story of two people who are oh-so-bothered by one another but they can’t help feeling HOT and BOTHERED by one another. Despite the plot not being as engaging as it could be, the book was incredibly enjoyable and incredibly sexy. Have fun listening! Available where you get your podcasts.