New Episode! "Broken Justice" with Josh and Travis Wyman


TSTL has a fantastic new episode premiering today, and I couldn’t be more excited about my TWO guests. Josh and Travis Wyman are two comedy guys and hosts of the hilarious podcast Stacking Wood. The Wyman Brothers and I reviewed the first book in the Justice Brothers series, “Broken Justice”. And, boy, was this a HOT one.

“Broken Justice” is written by Suzanne Halliday and is currently $3.99 on Amazon. It’s the story of Cameron, a hardened veteran who rescues the troubled-but-innocent Lacey. He decides to help this damsel get on her feet by taking a road trip to his hometown. He promises her an assistant job at his private security firm he owns with his fellow sexy alpha comrades, aka the Justice Brothers.

But along the way, the flames ignite and they give into their passionate desires.

So please enjoy the latest episode of Too Stupid to Live! Available where you get your podcasts.