New Episode! ‘Ruby’ with Connie Shin


I wanted to cover a V.C. Andrews book for a while now because of the romantic elements in her stories and the fact that so many romance readers devour her books. Luckily, Connie Shin, a hilarious writer and performer at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade, is a seasoned V.C. Andrews reader. And I’m delighted that she joined me to review 'Ruby', the first book in the Landry series. It’s currently $4.99 on Amazon. (I know! It’s up there!)

In terms of providing you with a succinct synopsis, let me just say that so much happens in this book. So here’s an attempt at a pared-down summary.

Around the death of her grandmother, Ruby, a beautiful and perfect teenager, keeps uncovering dark secret after dark secret about her family. To avoid a terrible fate at the hands of her deranged grandfather, she runs away to New Orleans to meet her long lost father and twin sister. But, BOY, things do NOT go as planned. BECAUSE OF ALL THESE DARK SECRETS!

(I mean… does that work?) 

I both LOVED the book and recording this episode with Connie. And I know you will love listening! Available on SoundCloud, Stitcher, Apple Podcasts and Google Play.