New Episode! "Operation: Midnight Tango" with Jordan Morris

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I know, I know! It’s been TOO LONG since there’s been a new episode of Too Stupid to Live. I took some time off to be super busy with work and then go on my very first solo vacation. But I am so excited to be back with a fantastic new episode with both a fantastic guest and book. Jordan Morris, a comedy writer and podcaster (from Jordan, Jesse Go!) joined me to review "Operation: Midnight Tango" by Linda Castillo.

Published by Harlequin Intrigue, I found this gem at the Ripped Bodice, an exclusively romance bookstore here in Los Angeles.

Listen and enjoy this latest episode on:

ALSO! Jordan just put out a new podcast from called Bubble, which I highly recommend you check out. It’s a scripted comedy series about monster hunters who, among other things, are low on funds. And as someone who won’t spend more than five dollars on pretty much anything, I both related and laughed out loud.