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New Episode! "Maid for Love" with Robin Reed

It’s summer and I figured it’s time to review a resort-town summer romance. Today’s book is "Maid for Love", the first in the Gansett Island series, by Marie Force ($2.99). My guest is voiceover artist Robin Reed, AKA the voice that launched a thousand ferries to a Block Island-inspired locale, where love is as abundant as its oysters. Enjoy on itunes, Stitcher, Google Play and SoundCloud below!

New Episode! "Craving Flight" with Jennie Pierson


My lovely friend and hilarious actress/comedian Jennie Pierson ("Blackish", "Powerless", "Valley Girl") joins me to discuss one of the most original erotic romances I’ve ever read -- "Craving Flight" by Tamsen Parker.

"Craving Flight" is a bdsm romance that takes place in an orthodox Jewish community. I’m so thrilled about this episode because Jennie was the PERFECT guest to have on the show. Her insight was phenomenal and of course her laugh-out-loud commentary was delightful.

The book was recommended to me by one of the owners of the Ripped Bodice, a feminist-friendly romance novel bookstore in LA. So if you’re interested in purchasing, I highly recommend ordering the paperback from this wonderful independent bookstore. 

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New Episode! Royal Ruin with Jessie Gaskell

HOW FANTASTIC WAS THAT ROYAL WEDDING?!?!? I’ve been watching this GIF again and again and again and therefore agonizing over the specifics of my dream wedding.


If you still have that wedding fever, listen to the latest episode where the always funny Jessie Gaskell (Conan) joins me to to review the sexy royal romance, Royal Ruin by Jessica Peterson ($3.99).


God Save the Queen!

New Episode! 'Taken by the CEO' with Marisa Pinson

TSTL marisa.jpg

It’s funny. I wasn’t expecting this latest episode of TSTL to be as topical as it is. Of course it’s about women in the workplace, but with DJ Khaled’s recent commentary on his refusal to perform oral sex, I’m astounded as to how timely this episode is.

There are certainly quite a few HOT “oral presentations” in 'Taken by the CEO'. Out of all people who could do themselves a favor by reading this book, it’s DJ Khaled and definitely a few Tinder randos who probably keep you scratching your head to this day. There are a lot of things society should acknowledge, and one of them is that THIRD BASE GOES BOTH WAYS!

(And a few deep breaths later…)

'Taken by the CEO' is written by USA Today bestselling author Stefanie London and is currently $2.99. It’s a sexy story about Emmaline, a lady who works in a cubicle and has a hot affair with her CEO who works in a nicer office with a view.

Joining me to review this contemporary romance is my lovely friend, Marisa Pinson. She’s a TV writer on TBS’ 'Angie Tribeca' and a hilarious and insightful lady. You're going to love her -- hope you enjoy! Listen now on SoundCloud, iTunes, and Google Play

New Episode! - Her Husband's Harlot with Lesley Tsina

If your New Year’s resolution involves MORE HARLOTS, here’s your chance to get off… to a good start with the latest episode of Too Stupid to Live. Special guest Lesley Tsina (Blackish, author of “Restart Me Up: The Unauthorized, Un-Accurate Oral History of Windows 95) joins Becky to review the hot historical romance “Her Husband’s Harlot” by Grace Callaway.

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