New Episode! “Priest: A Love Story” with Shauna McGarry and Graham High!


Father, Jesus is gonna have to forgive YOU for your sins! In this ep, Becky forces Shauna McGarry (Bojack Horseman) and Graham High (Studio 54) to compromise their Christian values to discuss the popular erotic romance Priest: A Love Story ($4.99) by Sierra Simone.

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Show Notes:

For a sexy Sasquatch story, I did find this book on Amazon— Naked Came the Sasquatch ($10.) If anyone reads it, please let me know what you think and if it’s worth the price. And maybe some sort of description of Sasquatch cock.

The Song of Solomon: An Invitation to Intimacy - Douglas Sean O’Donnell explores The Song of Solomon and the practice of sexuality. ($15)

Mere Christianity - “C.S. Lewis explores the common ground upon which all of those of Christian faith stand together.” ($9 on Amazon)

Another amazing romance novel podcast, Heaving Bosoms, also covered Priest with special guest Jenny Nordbak from The Wicked Wallflowers Club. She offers such a great perspective on BDSM and taboo erotica, and I highly recommend listening to this episode.

On top of that, the author of “Priest”, Sierra Simone, was a guest on Jenny’s Wicked Wallflowers podcast. Again, this episode is amazing, and it’s fascinating to hear Sierra Simone’s writing process.